Thursday, March 10, 2011

What a month!

This last month has been quiten an emotional rollercoaster. God has been faithful, but I have definitely had my share of tears.....tears of worry, tears of sadness, tears of joy, tears of comfort and peace, and now, on the other side of our fears, I can see just how faithful and full of love our God is.

About 5 weeks ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This came as a complete shock to us.  We don't have this in our family, so when my mom was having a biopsy, I went into it completely believing the results would be negative.  Her risk factor was like 5%.  When she called to tell me that her test results came back saying that both spots they had tested were cancerous.  I lost it.  This began the waiting game of not knowing what we were looking at and leting myself worry and go to the bad place as I call it, with my thoughts.  It took what felt like forever, and ended up being only a week and a half or so to get a plan of action.  She had a masectomy 2 weeks ago, and is recovering now.  They tested all the tissue and one of the surrounding lymph nodes and everything looks clear now.  My mom is going to be spending a lot of time with her oncologist over the next 5 years, but praise the Lord, it looks like maybe the worst is behind us.  As of now, she doesn't have to have radiation or chemo.....which is such an answered prayer.  Thank you God for taking care of my mommy!

During the waiting game, which I think is the very hardest part, my mom wanted us to come be with her for a week or keep her entertained.  What a week!!! Layla and her kids were there the first part, which is always so fun.  Payton adores her cousins, Reagan and Reese.   We also had one other unexpected guest.....which was AMAZING!! My sister, Danielle, who is a missionary is Asia, came home for a week to be with us.  We hadn't seen her in a year and a half, and she hadn't met Cooper yet.  So.....seeing them together was so wonderful.  She lived with us when Payton was this age and Payton LOVES her DeeDee.  It didn't take Cooper too long to fall just as in love as Payton is.  Leaving at the end of the week was really hard.  Payton wanted DeeDee to come home with us and for us to stay longer and help Nana.

As of now, DeeDee is back in Asia, and Nana is recovering in Littlefield.  Clee and I are going to visit Danielle in June and we, hopefully, will see my mom sometime soon as well. 

Here are some pictures from our trip!

Blake (2 months), Reese (2), Reagan (4), Payton (3), and Cooper (9 months)
The Boys
Sweet Cousins!!!

Payton dancing with Pops

Payton entertaining Nana!

Cooper and his new favorite person, Aunt DeeDee!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another fun video

I had made a few videos of my little guy and thought you guys would like to see it!  He's really cute, so be prepared to smile!


Monday, January 24, 2011

He's On the Move!

Cooper is officially crawling.  Over the last few weeks, he has been working so hard to get from place to place.  He first figured out that rolling would get him where he needs to go, but it just wasn't good enough.  He would get on all fours, and try to move forward.  But this little guy has some serious determination, and he has officially mastered the skill of crawling.  Here is a video of his progress and his success!


Payton's First haircut

After three years aof watching my little girl go from baldie to a long haired girl, I finally decided I needed to take the plunge.  Her hair was becoming a mess.  It was lots of different lengths and needed a good trim.  Cutting it was quite a big thing for me, because it took her so long to get it, but I knew the day would come. 

Here is her  before picture (Her hair looks precious in this picture, but trust me, this is a very good hair day, not what it always looks like)

We talked about getting her hair for most of the week before and we would tell her how she needed to be really still and patient. She was amazing....she didn't say a word.  She just sat completely still watching the lady cut her hair.

 Here is the after picture. I decided to make a fun day out of it.  We rode the carousel and got a cookie to celebrate her big day!

Christmas in Houston

A little late...I know.

We celebrated Christmas with Clee's side of the family on New Year's Eve.  We had a great time, and it was really fun to be able to prolong Christmas for a whole week.

Payton had the best time decorating cookies with Gigi and Aunt Jessie
 Payton and Katelyn tearing into all their Chrsitmas presents
 Gigi and Popi and all their Grandbabies

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas in Litte Rock

We spent Christmas this year in Little Rock with my sister and her family and my mom and dad.  We had a wonderful time!  Payton and Cooper had so much fun playing with their cousins, Reagan and Reese, and we got to meet our newest little nephew, Blake Harrell Ramsey.  He was born on December 18th.  We thought he might share a birthday with Payton or I, but he wanted his own special day.  He is precious, and couldn't be more different than Coop. 

 Cooper made a new best friend, Minnie.  He would watch her and just laugh and smile at her and he LOVED getting kisses!

 Jason is such a good influence.  He was painting Reagan's toes, so Clee got in on the action and gave Payton beautiful purple nails, too.
 The girls taking care of Blake

We miss Aunt DeeDee more than anything.  She couldn't physically be here because she is still in Taiwan, but she was with us through the computer!! WE CAN"T WAIT TO HAVE HER BACK!!!!
 Pops and Cooper.  These two are so sweet!
 Payton got a veil and a bouquet from Reagan and Reese.  She loves being a bride.  So far, she has asked me if she could marry Cooper, Blake and Owen (both of them at the same wedding), and her friend Eli from church. 

The girls in their new princess dresses 
 Cooper and Blake (These two are going to be best buddies)

 Check out our little football cute!
 Nana and Pops and their sweet grandbabies!!

Our Trip to Russellville, AR

Before we headed to Little Rock for Chirstmas, we made a stop to visit some of our closest friends, Larry and Bethany Walker, and their son, Carson.  We had a wonderful time catching up.  We sure do wish they lived closer. 

Bethany is so sweet.  Payton and I were having birthdays and she surprised us for the second year in a row with a cake.
 Payton and her buddy Carson, and their daddys
 Cooper getting to enjoy his sweet friend, Miss Bethany!
 We also made a stop to visit Santa.  My kids did a better job of paying attention to the camera that Santa did!  But I still thought the picture turned out great!
 Cooper loved riding in Carson's fancy car
 Clee and Carson

Payton's First Show

Payton had a precious Christmas performance at her preschool.  She had been dancing around the house singing "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" for about a month, and she would do motions.  I knew we were in for a good show.   She always sings so loud and dances so big at home, so I was expecting the same, but once she got on the stage, she became a little more shy.  She did a wonderful job.  It was so fun getting to watch her up there.  I know this is only the first of many performances for this little one.

Here she is with her good friends, Katherine and Ally doing the motions.

 I think bowing at the end of the song might have been her favorite part.
 Payton and her sweet friend, Ally, hugging and saying goodbye at her Christmas party.

Catching up on Blogs

I have been a terrible blogger recently.  I am going to attempt to catch up today on everything going on in our busy lives.  I hope you don't mind reading several at once. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nat and Jessie's Wedding

This past weekend was a very special one in our house. Clee's brother, Nat, got married.  Jessie has been Aunt Jessie for a long time now.  We are just so excited she is finally a Heston.

We had a wonderful time at the wedding and Jessie was a beautiful bride.  Payton had her first opportunity to be a flower girl and she had the best time.  She shared her responsibilities with Erin's daughter, Katelyn, and our sweet friends, Blake and Owen Stroh.

Here they are practicing at the rehearsal.
Such a ham.  She thought the baskets were so funny!
Here she is practicing running down the aisle.  After this, we told her to walk very slowly, and for the ceremony, she did wonderful.  She walked very slowly down the aisle, and when she got to the end, she gave Nat a huge hug and he told her she forgot to drop her flowers, so she stood there and shook her basket until every flower petal was on the ground.  It was really sweet.
Mommy and her pretty flower girl before the ceremony!
Daddy and Coop (Aren't they the two best looking guys you've ever seen?)
Mommy, Tiffany (A friend from college), Erin, and Kim
Me and My Hubs
The family!  We match....isn't it so cute?

Payton enjoyed the ceremony, but nothing compares to her love of the dance floor.  The dance part of the wedding lasted 2 hours, and Payton was on the dance floor the entire time.  She took one break to get a cookie and then returned to the dance floor with her cookie!
Patyon and Katelyn dancing
Dancing with the bride and groom

Dancing with my hubby!
Check out Erin's moves. 
2 of our favorite people, Kim and Nate Stroh
Payton and Katelyn got in on the action when Jessie threw the bouquet.  Luckily, they didn't catch it. I'm not sure we are ready for another wedding that soon.
Pretty Payton
This is Payton at the end of the wedding.  Sad for it to end, but ready to crash